At Born Global we strive to understand the priorities of both our customers and suppliers in order to find a common ground and win-win solution that ensures products offered match the customers goals and requirements. 



Based on customer needs and competitor landscape, we develop products, assortments andpackaging in close collaboration with our partner factories which will ultimately offer a bettervalue proposition than are currently available in the market.


Based on our more than ten years of sourcing consumer goods from Asia we take pride in our ability to pick the right factories among the hundreds of options available when searching the internet in this globally connected world. Picking the most competitive, but still responsible partner factories is essential to being able to deliver what is requested – on time and compliant with customers safety requirements.

Quality Control

At Born Global we will not compromise on quality, but always strive to fulfill at least the legal requirements requested for the country of destination. Creating a detailed system of checking by firstly the legal requirements followed by the compliance level, and finally the actual overall quality of components, raw materials and workmanship during mass production ... is our pride at Born Global. Having our own in-house quality inspectors and engineers working for us in China for more than ten years is key to this success.


Despite all parties having worked hard to ensure all is perfect upon inspection of mass production this could all be wasted efforts if goods are not shipped on time. Again our detailed control systems of pre-booking, pre-checking and an on-going close contact with the relevant forwarders ensures that if “something goes wrong” we know it early enough to fix the situation before it is too late.